Construction Coordinator

Dufferin Construction

chris rotella

Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

I’m a 3rd year interested in construction management. i wanted a job that balanced interaction with people, field and office work, and coordination of events.

Describe a typical day at work 

Working for a road construction company, most of my days started at 6pm. I was tasked with coordinating trucks from plant to site and tracking overall performance of the team laying the ashphalt.

What courses best prepared you for your job? 

SURVEY CAMP trained me mentally for the grueling 13 hour night shifts. Construction management and Transportation 1 helped me with performance reports and background technical knowledge respectively.

Describe the coolest project you got to work on

I got to work on a highway and explore central ontario in a companu truck. I drove over 11k km in 2 months seeing the most beautiful lansdcapes. Its temping to want to leave, but Im glad I stayed.

Is there anything you wish you knew about the job / industry before starting? 

They arent lying if they tell you night shifts are included. This industry runs on its own time, expect to do overtine in any private company (try to get paid for it though).

Any tips / advice / anything you would like to share with current students?

You are a valuable resource that is trusted. Learn to treat yourself as such and take a break when needed, ask for compensation you deserve, and take responsability for your shortcomings and successes.

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